Dusting By Stars

Dusting By Stars is a collection of poetry which takes the reader on a journey into glimpses of meaning. Life is like a gerund, once the “ing” has been added to a verb the stability of past, present and future is gone, now it is happening, in the moment. These glimpses of meaning enter worlds of nature, friendship, art, and the spirit. Come visit glimpses of life, and remember we are all creatures of the stars, created from the mud of stardust.

This is my first collection of poetry. It looks at both the natural world and the human world of art and experience to draw ongoing connections-ongoing connections because life is like gerunds, a process: flexible, fluid and a bit uncertain.

Divided into four parts, each part in this collection has a different focus: PERCEIVING LEAF TURNS reflects on man’s relation ship to nature; REFLECTING ANOTHER ART looks at the relationship of man and art; REMEMBERING JUST FOLKS considers everyman and his/her relationship to others; and finally, GETTING THINGS RIGHT, attempts to do just that, com to some conclusions about the rightness in life.